Aarhus by Night

The Cockney Pub

The Cockney Pub - a Gold Medal winning pub in Aarhus with one of the finest selections of beers, cask real ales and bottle beers in town. Noted for their exclusive line of beers - not to mention their selection of whiskies. Just your cup of tea! - "They have that as well". A true pub with a cosy British atmosphere.


Globen Flakket

When darkness falls, the music gets louder, the lights are lowered, and in the bar they serve large draught beers and exquisite cocktails. With rooms at several levels and a separate function room, Globen Flakket is also the perfect venue. During the day, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner before the nightlife takes over. Globen Flakket really has it all. Feel free to contact them with your special requests or desires, and they will do their utmost to accommodate you.


Café Faust
On Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm the café transforms into a cozy nightclub with a comfortably relaxed atmosphere. Their expert bartenders prepare some pretty wondrous cocktails, and there is of course also chilled beer on tap.
Cafe Viggo
Cocktail-bar during weekends. If you are there for a cocktail rather than a cappuccino the expert bartenders are of course also at your service. In the evening on weekends, the excellent rooms in Café Viggos are perfect for inviting your friends out for a pleasant drink.
St. Pauls Apothek
Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. This place may well be a "chemist's" in name, but they certainly serve a vast array of exciting drinks that soothe and cure even the sternest ailments…
Castenskiold - Mad & Natklub
Castenskiold – Mad & Natklub is an exclusive nightclub, which constantly aims for top quality, fresh ingredients and innovation. Creative cocktails and inspiring music, at Castenskiold Nightclub you can enjoy their creative cocktails, get a beer with your friends and listen to our DJ's inspiring music. They strive to create an amazing party where the guests feel welcome and all elements unite in perfect harmony.