Quarters in Aarhus

The restaurants in Aarhus offer a unique and varied palette of fascinating culinary delights. No matter whether the restaurateurs derive their wide-ranging inspiration from all corners of the world or remain faithful to authentic Danish cuisine, Aarhus offers wonderful experiences for every budget.
But what makes for a truly unique restaurant scene in Aarhus is the fabulously atmospheric cityscapes in the centre of the city. When strolling from one corner to the next it is like travelling from Paris to Barcelona in the blink of an eye. Here is some inspiration for great culinary experiences you can treat yourself to depending on which quarter of the city you are in or would like to explore.
Åboulevarden in the heart of Aarhus
The Åboulevarden in Aarhus is simply filled with atmospheric cafés and nightlife, while also offering charming and exciting shopping along the riverfront. The atmosphere is quite unique, and due to its wonderful location, this is where you will find one of the most beautiful and attractive restaurant and nightlife settings in Denmark. There are trendy cafés side-by-side where you can indulge in a brunch, cappuccino, dinner or perhaps just a glass of crisp Riesling while taking in the stimulating sensation of the magnificent river. At night the atmosphere is intensified by pulsating rhythms from the DJ desk and live concerts at the discos, beautifully accompanied by perfectly mixed cocktails from one of the many expert bartenders in the street.
The Latin Quarter
The oldest quarter in Aarhus. The ‘Latin Quarter’ is the oldest quarter in Aarhus. It grew up between the late 14th century after the city had been given permission to demolish the old Viking fortifications. The streets have historical names and in the centre of the quarter lies the Pustervig Torv square as a small and cosy oasis, perfect for a break. In the Latin Quarter you will find a vibrant atmosphere, the cafés are filled with people, the streets are narrow and cobblestoned, all providing the perfect setting for the small, chic shops selling one-off items in the area.
Strøget - the pedestrianised high street
The pedestrianised high street "Strøget" is 850 metres long and is a unique shopping street and the city’s nerve-centre, connecting the very best shopping precincts in the city centre. No matter what you are looking for, you can be sure to find it in one of the large brand name shops or in the small shops carrying special product ranges. The pedestrianised high street connects the Banegårdspladsen central station square with the street of Åboulevarden by the river, and there are also numerous places where you can take a break, enjoying a tasty hot dog, a delicious kebab, or perhaps a perfectly brewed coffee from one of the high street's prize-winning baristas.