Denmark FAQ's

Climate in Denmark

The Danish climate is moderated by the warm Gulf Stream and is therefore milder than surrounding Scandinavian countries. Denmark has four distinct season. The spring months, April to May, are the mildest, while the summer months of June, July and August are the hottest. Autumn, from September to November, tends to be rainy and more overcast. Winter runs from December to March and is normally cold, with frost and snow.


112 is Denmark’s emergency number. Call 112 to access police, ambulance and fire brigade services. Calls to this number from public phone booths are free.

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Danish Electrical Standards

Denmark uses two-pin continental plugs and 220 volt (50Hz) like most other European countries. Visitors from Ireland or the UK will need adaptors for electrical appliances, while those from North America will need a transformer to use 110/125 volt appliances.

Mobile Phones

In order to be able to use your mobile phone in Denmark, your normal provider will need to have a roaming agreement with one of the Danish mobile phone operators. This is normal practice but it is a good idea to check both the availability and cost before you travel, as it can be quite pricey depending on where you're from or where you're calling.

Visit the European Commission website for the latest up-to-date information on roaming tariffs in Europe.

Find out about buying Danish SIM cards during your stay and mobile phone shops in Denmark here.

Money and Shopping

Average Prices


Average price for a double room with breakfast, per night:

*                  595 – 850kr
**                500 – 1495kr
***              495 – 2995kr
****            580 – 2790kr
*****          1000 – 4630kr


Main course in an average Copenhagen restaurant:

Cheap:        Up to 150kr
Mid-range: 150 – 250kr
Expensive:  From 250kr

Out in the town

Half a litre of beer:  35 – 50Dkr  
A cocktail:               70 – 110kr 
Cinema ticket:         80 – 100kr
Big Mac Meal:          59kr

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Special Travel - Denmark's disabled access

Physical accessibility in Danish society has been rapidly improving over the last few decades. As a disabled visitor, you can access a wide variety of places, services and experiences on holiday in Denmark. Many local tourist offices have disability guides to their local area. See our Tourist offices section for how to contact them.

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