Focus on Youth at SportAccord Convention 2014 Conference


A groundbreaking conference session focusing on the tastes and sporting aspirations of young people, the Youth Club, will be a highlight of the SportAccord Convention 2014 conference during this year’s event from 6-11 April 2014 in Belek/Antalya, Turkey. For the first time, the Convention will feature a conference panel composed of young people from sport and media, who will explain and debate what they like – and don’t like – about sport in a free-spirited atmosphere.

Effervescent sport and technology guru Professor Andy Miah, who heads the Creative Futures Institute at the University of the West of Scotland, has advised on the content of the session and will moderate a highly interactive encounter that is sure to generate plenty of buzz at the Susesi Convention Centre.

“With the average age of television viewers of the Olympics reaching 50, and similar trends in other established sports events, having a better understanding of the younger generation is a matter of survival,” Professor Miah said.  “Sports in the future will be watched on the move using wearable devices, we will play sports in virtual worlds, and they may even involve contests between human cyborgs. So much is about to change and we really need to figure out what to protect, so that sports continue to be important in the 21st and 22nd Centuries.”

“The Youth Club will be about what young people really want from sport, what sports they are participating in and watching, how they’re consuming them and what inspires them to switch on a sport or skip it. It’s going to be frank, informative and fun.”

Among the panelists will be Youth Olympics silver-medal athlete Alessia Trost, Olympic swimmer Katinka Hosszú and Paralympic athlete and former Bath Rugby player Megan Harris, plus a representative from the IOC Young Reporters programme, amongst others.

For more information on our panellists, please visit our Speaker Biographies page.