Nick Meacham, Managing Director of our Media Partner, SportsPro, was put in the hot seat in our latest interview.

SportsPro has served the global sports industry since 2008, providing high-level content on the commercial, political and organisational aspects of global professional sport, across a variety of platforms.

1) Nick, in your opinion, what was the greatest sporting moment of 2013?
Tough one, but probably Oracle Racing's victory in the America's Cup. To come back from where they did was simply extraordinary.

2) What would you like to achieve in 2014?
Getting to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. It's such a great event and destination, it would be a shame not to!

3) How do you feel about the development of sport in emerging markets?
I don't feel that sport is developing as quickly as it should be in these markets. Money gets invested into the hosting of major events by brands that are sponsoring them, but there doesn't seem to be enough filtering down the food chain. Hopefully, we will see these emerging markets learning and understanding what can be achieved, and delivering the benefits that we know sport can deliver. 

4) What would you say is the most important development made to your products/services?
It's certainly been a time of growth for us. 12 months ago, SportsPro produced a monthly magazine, a website, and one ongoing supplement. Now we produce five different titles; have launched our first conference, and are fully digitised with integrated native APPs for both the publications we produce and general news content published on our websites.

5) If you could change the rules of one sport, what rules would you change?
The use of retrospective action against people that break the rules in sport should be standard. A sport like football that has a problem with players diving could resolve the issue swiftly by implementing this, in turn making their game even more 'beautiful' than it already is. 

6) How do you feel about your partnership with SportAccord Convention?
The partnership with SportAccord Convention has been a great opportunity for us to further connect with the global sports industry, both from a content and client perspective. SportAccord Convention helps so many organisations come together from across the world and we are pleased to be part of this wonderful event.

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