Established SportAccord Convention Bronze Partner, Masterconcept, is pleased to launch its Asian branch, Masterconcept Asia, in a joint venture with SantoAIM Ltd. 

With over 10 years of experience in delivering international projects in the major sports events and mountain resort industry, Masterconcept will combine its knowledge of Olympic Bids, Olympic Games and major event deliveries with SantoAIM's strong market position in China. The Beijing-based enterprise will see Masterconcept Asia focus on mountain touristic projects as well as future major events to be planned and held in China. 

Having secured its first planning contract in early 2013 with Sports University Long Yuan in Shenyang, Northeast China, Masterconcept Asia has also won a contract with the second largest mountain resort development west of Beijing.

The Austrian-based company has been a dedicated Bronze Partner since the 2010 event in Dubai, although Masterconcept's relationship with the Convention started in 2009 when it first exhibited in Denver. Since then, Masterconcept has continued to enjoy the advantages of an exhibition space and arranged meetings with various cities, regions and tourist boards that are hosting or looking to host major events. 

"China's large domestic market and fast growing segment of mountain and leisure tourism is a great opportunity for exporting the Austrian mountain development experience and spirit instilled within Masterconcept" said Gernot Leitner, CEO of Masterconcept. "We have developed one of the world's leading intermodal transport simulation models (ITSOS), fully based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) which has helped Sochi 2014 to set up its operational master plan. The model is a great tool to assess and improve cities and regions in terms of public transport and will be a great asset in China's modernisation ambitions."

James Tay, skiing fanatic and owner of SantoAIM, and Gernot Leitner, a former Austrian national team volleyball player and owner of Masterconcept, are both equal shareholders in this venture. The office, with a starting size of eight design industry and project management experts, is located in central Beijing and operates across China. 

With SantoAIM's 200 engineers in Beijing and Masterconcept's 40 architects, designers and transport planners in Austria and Russia, the partnership will have the power to deliver large scale projects of the highest quality.

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