SportAccord Convention Media Parter, AA, aims to be among the world's top five news agencies by 2020


Anadolu Agency, Turkey's state news agency, will celebrate its 94th anniversary on April 6.

Established during Turkey's nationwide struggle for independence in 1920, AA aims to become one of the top five news agencies in the world by its centenary.

Toward this end, it is launching a French wire service in Tunisia on Sunday, in line with the agency's goal of expanding its international reach.

With an international network spanning sixty-five countries, Anadolu Agency provides its subscribers with 1,500 news stories, 1,900 photos and 300 videos every day.

It offers wire services in Turkish, English, Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Russian, Kurdish, and soon in French.

The agency runs a News Academy, training a new generation of journalists in fields such as diplomacy, finance and energy. It also offers training programs in photojournalism, videography and multimedia reporting.

Kindly note that The Huffington Post's French edition published a piece telling that Anadolu Agency (AA) soon to launch French broadcast.

US news aggregator The Huffington Post has cited Anadolu Agency's soon-to-launch French broadcast, saying Turkey's state news agency is "targeting French-speaking countries" in Africa.

Authored by the website's DR Congo correspondent, Partick Ndungidi, the piece in French - "Africa, the new terrain of international media" - mentions AA as "one of the largest news agencies in the world."

In the piece, AA is listed among the newcomers to the media scene in Africa along with multilingual European news television channel Euronews and French weekly Le Point.

AA's offering will reach countries where French is spoken as a first language, such as Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Niger, Ndungidi says.

AA's broadcast in French, the seventh language in its multilingual wire services, will launch on its 94th anniversary - April 6 - in Tunisia.